Frequently Asked Questions about the 811 Video Challenge

Is the Challenge open to anyone? This specific opportunity is a Challenge and not a general video contest. You MUST be challenged by an individual peer or company to participate. Click here to see who has been challenged and is therefore eligible to participate.

When is the deadline to submit? The deadline to submit is midnight EST on Dec. 31, 2016.

Do I need to make two videos? Yes, you should make a 10-second video accepting the challenge and nominating one person or company and post online via social media. Your 811-themed video can be a maximum of two minutes in length and can be submitted via

How will I know if I have been challenged? CGA will use its social media channels and email updates to keep you informed. You should also contact the person you are challenging directly to notify him or her.

What if my company receives multiple challenges? CGA will keep a list of companies that have accepted the 811 Video Challenge here. For more information on the status of your organization’s challenge activity, email and CGA will assist. Only one video per company can be submitted.

What format does my video need to be in? You can submit .MP4 and .MOV files. Be sure to submit landscape/horizontally-oriented videos.

Do I need to hire a professional? It’s not necessary, but you may if you prefer. Or you can simply use your own smartphone or Go Pro to build a memorable video. Have fun and be creative!

When will the videos be shown? Select videos will be featured during the CGA Excavation and Safety Conference 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Event on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at the Shingle Rosen Creek in Orlando, Florida. Videos will also be used in CGA presentations and social media channels throughout 2017.